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Clinton & Co Plumbers & Gasfitters

Morley WA 6062
6062 Morley
(08) 9276 3323

Clinton & Co Plumbers & Gasfitters

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perthmarketingnow about 6 years

The receptionist / owner is aggresive in nature and impossible to deal with. Plumbers did a great job of un blocking the drains, however they scheduled to come back the following day to finish off some further work and never showed up. One week has passed and I still have metre deep holes in the back and front of my property. I am an able bodied young man and can fill the holes in my self, but feel as if an older lady or impaired person may struggle with this. Leaving holes around is dangerous and a common sense approach to this situation needs to be up held, let alone a duty of care to ensure dangerous areas are delt with before the job site is left.